Antankara Energy

Antankara Energy is a professional green energy company. We address energy challenges by improving access to and promoting the adoption of clean and efficient energy technologies. Our company is setting the pace to realize the development of a green economy with low emissions, resource efficiency, and social inclusivity.

Our knowledge-driven team and network of internationally qualified experts within the fields of green energy technologies, sustainable development, and engineering form the core of the business. Antankara Energy energy is dedicated to establishing sustainable solutions and enriching livelihoods by reducing energy poverty, and providing long-lasting and consistent solutions for households, businesses, and communities.


Ensure access to affordable, efficient & reliable energy whilst improving the livelihoods of citizens using green-tech – climate focused innovation


To become the most trusted, convenient and eco-friendly LPG brand available to every household in the region and beyond.

Our Values

  • Excellence and Commitment
  •  Integrity and Reliability
  • Quality and Innovation
  • Environmental Stewardship